Strength and Power Program

Champion Strength and Power Program – Sports Specific Training in Augusta, GA

Strength is a product of how much weight a person can lift or move. Power is how quickly one can move a particular weight. It is well documented that developing strength and power enhances athletic performance as well as decreasing your likelihood of sustaining an injury.

The Strength and Power Program at Champion Orthopedics is a specifically designed program based on an individual’s wants and needs. The program will be tailored to each individual’s specific sport. Specialized programs can be customized based on:

  • Core Stability Training
  • Football (position specific)
  • Other ability Strength and Power focuses
  • Throwing Ability

The Strength and Power Program is conducted in small groups, with no more than 4 persons per group session. Individuals seeking one on one instruction may sign up for this program at a separate rate.

Do More for Your Game!

All of the Sports Specific Training programs at Champion Orthopedics are 6 week programs. Typically, classes meet twice a week and have up to 4 students. The cost for each program is $300.

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to maximize your potential, advance your athletic development and to take your game to another level, make an appointment online or give Champion Orthopedics a call at 706-210-7529 or 803-293-1160.