Meet our Physicians

Advanced Orthopedic Care by Board Certified Physicians

Our physicians at Champion Orthopedics are board certified and skilled in applying the advanced science of comprehensive orthopedic care to your individual medical needs. And just as important to your success, they also have the passion and dedication for getting you back on track sooner than later.

Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeons  

Our fellowship trained sports medicine physicians created the first fully-integrated Sports Medicine Program in our area with a comprehensive approach to athletic health and healing that incorporates:

  • Expert clinical care
  • Integrated physical therapy
  • Educational resources
  • Sports specific training
  • Research for improved outcomes
  • Team physician/community support for local, regional, and national sporting events

Primary Care Sports Medicine Qualification

Champion Orthopedics provides board certified Family Medicine clinical care, with an added Qualification in Primary Care Sports Medicine. This expertise allows us to provide primary healthcare while enhancing overall health for more physically active patients. Our team is able to provide education and resources to prevent injury and improve athletic performance at any age or skill level.

Fast Access to Physician Evaluation and Treatment

The dedication of the Champion Orthopedic team means that our physicians see patients within 24 hours with urgent or critical injuries. We understand that your injury or medical issues can delay your plans and affect your quality of life – and we want to start your progress to recovery as soon as possible. Compassionate and comprehensive care all under one roof at Champion Orthopedics.