Imaging Services

Advanced Imaging at Champion Orthopedics

Diagnostic Imaging – The First Step in Orthopedic Treatment

Imaging is an important tool for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries and other orthopedic conditions, but also for tracking recovery progress. Whether the issue is a sports injury or musculoskeletal disorder such as arthritis, the first step in creating an appropriate treatment plan is recognizing the precise type and degree of damage to a bone or joint.

At Champion Orthopedics, we offer a wide range of on-site imaging technology to ensure that your diagnosis is accurate and that your treatment plan is effective. The following imaging technologies are available right at our facility:

  • Digital radiography
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Comprehensive Services at Champion Orthopedics

At Champion Orthopedics, digital radiography and MRI services are in the same building as physician evaluations, so immediate adjustments can be made to the parameters of the image if physicians need a different view or better angle for viewing injury or progress.

And because our board-certified orthopedic specialists are supported by a full staff of certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, radiology technicians and nursing/medical assistants, your treatment plan is always on the right path. Our certified sports trainers or physical therapists are able to talk to physicians when they see faster progress or an issue with training or rehabilitation, so there is a more cohesive approach to improved patient care.

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