Joint Replacement

Improved Outcomes for Total Joint Replacement in Augusta, GA

Champion Orthopedics offers Advanced Total Joint Surgery to Improve Quality of Life

Champion Orthopedics performs total joint replacement for patients of all ages with major joint injury or degenerative joint disease due to arthritis and other conditions. Total joint replacement can relieve pain and immobility for patients who have not responded fully with other treatments or therapies.

Compassionate Care from Surgery through Recovery and Rehabilitation

We treat patients like family - carefully explaining all aspects of care, always with an encouraging attitude, so positive patient experiences are our focus from the moment we greet patients. With this positive and compassionate attitude, our team of trained joint replacement experts is able to better implement the science of medicine for improved patient outcomes. 

At Champion Orthopedics we have a team of fellowship trained joint replacement surgeons performing large volumes of advanced technique knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgeries with outstanding outcomes. Our team of specialists are all under one roof so joint replacement patients have advanced digital imaging, physician evaluations and physical therapy rehabilitation after surgery all at the same facility. Our team works together to be sure recovery is on track step by step so we can get you back to your active lifestyle more quickly with enhanced range of motion, increased strength and improved joint function.

Individualized Treatment Plan for Improved Patient Outcomes

At Champion Orthopedics, our specialists review each case as a team and develop custom treatment plans to improve patient outcomes based on individual needs and goals. Prior to any total joint replacement surgery, our patients undergo extensive testing that may include digital radiography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), myelograms or diagnostic arthroplasty. Our team is able to determine the best treatment plan to enhance joint function by working together with this group of Champion Orthopedics patient care specialists:  

  • Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Physicians and Surgeons
  • Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Radiology Technicians
  • MRI Technologist
  • Physical Therapists
  • Clinical Staff
  • Surgery Coordinators

Surgical Advancements for Longer Term Success

Joint replacement specialists at Champion Orthopedics use the most advanced materials available to repair damage to joints and connective tissue. With these advanced developments in metal alloy and plastics, our surgeons are able to more nearly duplicate the natural functions of the bones, joints and ligaments, and to more accurately restore damaged parts to their original range of motion.