Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty

Innovation in Advanced Care for Hip Replacements 

Champion Orthopedics offers a "cutting-edge" approach to hip disease. Modern orthopedics now recognizes the importance of labral injuries and impingement in the hips of many young and middle-aged athletes and active adults which will progress to debilitating osteoarthritis in years to come. This disease process can now sometimes be halted with minimally invasive procedures which give immediate relief of symptoms as well as probably slowing or halting the progression of arthritis.

The total hip arthropolasty was the first really successful joint replacement, and continues to be one of our specialty's proudest achievements. 

Excellence in Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty at Champion Orthopedics

Champion Orthopedics’ innovative approach to total hip replacement surgery has set the standard for improved orthopedic care within the region. In May of 2010, Dr. Edward Crosland assembled a dedicated operating room team for the first program in the area of anterior total hip arthroplasty.  This muscle-sparing approach to total hip replacement uses the specially designed HANA fracture table and provides a faster recovery with less pain than more traditional approaches. At Champion Orthopedics, this advanced procedure is now the standard of care for hip replacement surgery for improved outcomes.

Improved Outcomes with Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

At Champion Orthopedics, our team uses the less invasive approach for anterior hip replacement surgery for improved patient outcomes. This enhanced technique decreases your hospital stay by a full day and speeds recovery beyond standard expectations. By using a more minimal incision at the front of the hip, as opposed to the more traditional access at the back of the hip, patients are able to recover faster with reduced pain.


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