The ankle joint is a common problem for many patients. It is frequently injured in athletics and in common injuries. In addition to sprains and fractures, it may become unstable, painful, and arthritic. We treat ankle problems with many tools. Sometimes shoe modifications or physical therapy solve the problem. Sometimes the issue is more complex and surgery is indicated. At Champion Orthopedics both arthroscopic and open reconstructive procedures are used to address these issues.

The foot is an important part of the human body that rivals the hand in complexity.  In addition to sprains, fractures, and deformities such as bunions, the foot can be painful from spurs, neuromas, and from an inadequate blood supply.  Nerve compressions in the foot may cause pain, but nerve problems as far away as the back or the neck can also give uncomfortable symptoms in the foot.  The orthopedic physicians at Champion treat virtually all foot problems, including those problems that originate elsewhere.