Patient Care Approach

Patient Focused Care at Champion Orthopedics

Our team of specialists at Champion Orthopedics have the experience and expertise to treat a wide range of orthopedic issues and conditions to get patients back to the quality of life they expect. Through a personalized and comprehensive program, our entire team works together for improved care with positive patient experiences and outcomes. We follow a detailed path of care including:

  • Physical and diagnostic examinations
  • Advanced imaging studies
  • Consultation on all treatment options
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Review of surgical options and decisions
  • Pre-surgery consultation, if necessary
  • Surgery, if necessary
  • Pain management
  • Onsite rehabilitation
  • Post-treatment care coordination
  • Follow up care

Our approach is focused on patient needs - for all ages or mobility levels, both active and more sedentary lifestyles. This very patient focused approach to full orthopedic care means that before any care decisions are made, we discuss personal goals and care considerations, including how to integrate rehabilitation for optimal recovery.

Comprehensive Orthopedic and Sports Care - One Patient at a Time

At Champion Orthopedics, we take care of all orthopedic conditions, injuries and issues, across all ages, including arthritis, sprains, strains, fractures, ligament injuries or cartilage injuries. We provide the very best care plan for each patient to meet individual levels of activity, with input from all team members.

We’re available when you need us – with dedicated appointments to handle urgent situations, so our patients can begin care as soon as possible after an injury occurs. During football season we also hold Saturday morning clinic to assess any injuries from the Friday night games.  And at Champion, everything is all under one roof – imaging, physicians, rehabilitation and sports specific training. We take a very proactive approach to getting you well, getting you mobile as soon as possible to control inflammation and improve functionality.

Whether an active youth, student athlete, weekend warrior, adult or senior, our orthopedic specialists take a patient centered approach with every physician or rehabilitation consultation. Each care plan is based on individual needs – from conservative management to the most technical surgical skilled treatment possible for a full recovery.