What to Expect with Joint Surgery

Advanced Care for Improved Outcomes

When joint pain, primarily in knees, shoulders or hips, affects your quality of life and limits mobility, it’s important to talk with an orthopedic joint expert to understand all treatment options. While surgery isn’t always the only solution, joint replacement surgery advances in recent years allow for a less invasive surgery to remove the damaged joint and replace with a new one for improved function. Joint replacement surgical procedures have improved greatly and the specialists at Champion Orthopedics are the first in the area to pioneer many of these advanced techniques. Our specialists use a minimally invasive approach for improved care which provide the following benefits:

  • Less pain, blood loss, and scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • Earlier return to normal daily activities

Champion Orthopedics provides an entire team to help patients through every step of an individualized treatment plan for full recovery from any orthopedic injury or condition, including joint replacement surgery. With rehabilitation onsite, our rehab specialists work directly with physicians and the patient care team for a strong recovery and improved outcomes.

Improved Surgical Techniques for Faster Recovery

Our skilled specialists use the most advanced surgical techniques which has revolutionized rehabilitation and recovery. For example, we use the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery. This anterior approach goes between muscles, simply spreading them apart instead of cutting the muscles to get to the hip joint. During this approach, our specialists are also able to use imaging during the surgery, to be sure that the replacement joint is the right size and position. Benefits of the anterior approach include:

  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Improved recovery
  • Less pain
  • Improved rehabilitation

Understanding Your Surgery Plan

Your care team includes not only board-certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons at Champion Orthopedics, but also digital x-ray and MRI staff, pre-certification surgery coordinators, orthopedic specialized clinical staff, patient account staff and certified rehabilitation specialists. Together, we work to prepare you for both surgery and rehabilitation for a full recovery.

We review your medical history and provide you with both preoperative instructions and guides for postoperative care so you fully understand each step of your joint replacement care plan. We check for joint alignment, function and stability and get you moving as soon as possible to reduce stiffness and swelling. Our expert rehabilitation team is in charge of your physical therapy to gain form and increase function.

Emphasis on Continued Recovery   

Our team works with each patient to determine your pain management needs so we can keep your pain and discomfort to a minimum as your body heals. Swelling will decrease gradually and we’ll help you understand how and when to use ice packs or elevation to manage stiffness and swelling. Also, we will explain how to keep your activity levels balanced to promote effective healing. Our goal is your strong recovery and return to the activities you enjoy.