ACL Injury Prevention

Champion ACL Injury Prevention – Sports Specific Training in Augusta, GA

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the main stabilizing ligaments in the knee. Although injury to this ligament is relatively uncommon in the general population, studies show that 70 percent of ACL injuries occur while participating in sports.

The average age of persons sustaining ACL injuries ranges from 15-45. Within this age group it is estimated that 20 percent of ACL injuries occur in female athletes who participate in either soccer or basketball.

The goal of the ACL Prevention Program offered by Champion Orthopedics is first to educate each participant on how the ACL is torn and why it happens in relation to certain actions and demands that are placed on it during specific activities.

The program participants will then be instructed to perform a variety of drills and techniques specifically tailored to each participant’s sport. Participants will also be instructed to basic weight training techniques to increase strength and fitness levels.

Do More for Your Game!

The ACL Prevention Program is held twice a week for a total of six weeks. While individual training sessions are always available, groups of four to six participants are recommended for this program. Program costs are $300 per person.

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to maximize your potential, advance your athletic development and to take your game to another level, make an appointment online or give Champion Orthopedics a call at 706-210-7529 or 803-293-1160.