Youth Development

Champion Youth Development – Sports Specific Training in Augusta, GA

The Youth Development Program offered by Champion Orthopedics in Augusta, GA, is a unique curriculum-based program designed for the athlete as well as their parents.

The focus of this program is to introduce Middle School-age youth to growth-plate-friendly resistance training, overall fitness training, nutrition and sport specific training techniques that will give them an advantage as they progress to high school level competition.

The Youth Development Program is a six-week program that will meet for an hour and a half twice a week. Parental involvement is encouraged.

As participants in the Your Development Program, you and your child will gain an understanding of healthy and safe training program basics. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Customizing a weightlifting program
  • Nutrition for active youths
  • Proper weightlifting techniques
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals
  • Weight training facility safety

The final two weeks of the program will be to assist each child in designing a specific program for their development in their particular sport.

Each program session can accommodate up to six athletes and their parents. Meeting times may vary, but are scheduled based on parent and exercise specialist availability. Sessions are held in the Champion Orthopedics Sport Specific Training Center.

Do More for Your Game!

All of the Sports Specific Training programs at Champion Orthopedics are 6 week programs. Typically, classes meet twice a week and have 4 to 6 students. The cost of the Youth Development Program is $300 per athlete, including parents.

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to maximize your potential, advance your athletic development and to take your game to another level, make an appointment online or give Champion Orthopedics a call at 706-210-7529 or 803-293-1160.